Sean Forester

14 Years of age, 9 Years of surfing, 6 Years of competing
Sponsors: HOT LAVA! And my dad!
I started to surf when I was 5 years old, my father and all the people who lived in Guanacaste, Samara taught me to surf. Since the first wave I cought I fell in love instantly with the sport, because its different to play soccer or basketball, or any other sports, its an adrenaline totally incredible, exciting, different for me. incredible, exciting, different for me. Since I was 5 years I began to surf every day I could. In the years when I could compete I began to go to Costa Rica National Circuit in 2011 .I was Costa 5 years I began to surf every day I could. In the years when I could compete I began to go to Costa Rica National Circuit in 2011 .I was Costa Rica national champion in mini grommets (sub-12). And now I'm currently 3rd place in the boys category (sub-16) and 6 the in juniors (sub-18). I'm in 8th grade of high school and do not do any drugs. My major sponsorship was my dad. But now recently HOT LAVA surfcompany is my top help and I am more than thrilled and grateful for this. My favorite places to surf are Camaronal and Marbella.

Sean Forester

Zulay Martinez

Age: 15
Home: Tamarindo Costa Rica
Best place to Surf: Playa Grande
Yo empece a surfear a los 12 años con andrea diaz ella fue mi primera entrenadora, Despues de tener un año entrenando con andrea empece a entrenar con Shannon Vacca la que mejoro mi surfing en 5 meses, solo tengo 1 año y medio de estar surfeando Mi playa preferida es Playa Grande Mi maniobra preferida son los cortes por ahorita Tengo 13 años Mi medida de tabla es 5.4 16/3,4 2

Erika Valverde

Ramon Taliani

Age: 23
Home: Santa Teresa Costa Rica
Mi nombre es Ramon Taliani tengo 23 años , vivo en la playa mas linda Santa Teresa , Costa Rica ! Nacido en Italia me vine muy niño para Costa Rica ! Empeze a surfear a los 12 años y desde entonces no he parado ! Me gusta free surfear con los amigos y competir y conocer olas nuevas y perfectas.

Erika Valverde

Kevin Montiel

I am a young surfer, 16 years old. I was born in the central city of San Jose but moved to Guanacaste when I was a child and began to surf. I don’t do drugs and I study Monday through Friday.
Surf: I work every day with my surfing to reach a professional level training with professional coaches. I am on the Costa Rican Junior team and its World and Central American Tournaments.
Motivation: I am motivated by the place that I am from. Playa Guiones Beach is a small town far from the eyes of name brands and big companies. Of course I am motivated by my family and God.
Favorite Place: Playa Guiones because it doesn’t matter how small the swell, there are always waves.
Favorite Surfer: Craig Anderson, because he is one of the few surfers who can combine radical with style.
Why do I surf?
Because surfing is a healthy sport with adrenaline and discipline. Also, surfing give me respect for the sea and Mother Earth.
Through education, I am studying for a professional career but also work hard to become a pro surfer and compete throughout the world and never lose the desire to win.

Kevin Montiel

Cristian Santamaria

I am 28 years old and have been surfing for 20 years. I learned to surf at Playa Guiones Beach, Guanacaste but my favorite wave is at Playa Hermosa Beach in the Central Pacific of Costa Rica.

I am second in the Longboard Division in Costa Rica and second in Central America. Also, I am in the top 20 of the National Costa Rican ranking in the Shortboard Division.

My favorite Hot Lava Surfboards:

9’0” x 12” x 2 ¾”

5’ 6” x 18” x 2 11/16”

Crisitan Santamaria

David Herrera

When I was 10 years old I started surfing with a Boogie board because I could not afford a regular surfboard. My biggest inspiration was my cousin Mauricio (Tule) Jimenez who surfed in local competitions and represented Costa Rica in international events. He also taught me how to fix any type of dings.

My first real surfboard was an old, used 6’6” with dings. I surfed that board without wax or a leash until I earned enough money to buy them. It took several used surfboards to finally figure out the board size best for me. My father gave me that board for my High School Graduation, a 5’ 4” that is when I really started surfing, but only in my free time because I was in college which required a lot of studying.

My favorite wave is where I learned to surf El Cocal and Damas Island which are constant with good swells. I have also surfed secret spots in Manuel Antonio and places like Salsa Brava and Witch Rock. The best surf I’ve had was during the years 2006 to 2009 at Damas Island where there are world class waves with barrels all surfers dream of.

My favorite Hot Lava board is 6”0’ x 18” x 2 ¼”

David Herrera

Caleb Mendez

I started to surf at 12 years old and now have 6 years of surf experience. I started to compete in local tournaments 4 years ago. This year (2012) is my first year competing in the National Circuit thanks to the sponsorship of Hot Lava.

I began surfing at Playa Dominicalito Beach. A year and a half ago I began surfing at Playa Dominical Beach where the waves are bigger and stronger.

My first new surfboard was a Hot Lava Epoxy Board. It was a big change for me because Hot Lava boards are lighter and stronger.

My favorite Hot Lava surfboard size: 5’ 10” x 18” x 2 ¼”

Caleb Mendez
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